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Procurement Consultancy

Procurement Consultancy


This sounds expensive doesn’t it? Think of it more as a way of generating savings rather than spending money on a consultant. The Club employs dedicated specialists who can come in and advise on how you can develop a procurement efficiency strategy across your College to reduce costs and save on valuable resources. A procurement healthcheck generates a report that shows exactly the key areas where change may be required or where there simply may be a better way of doing things.

Interim support

College’s use this service as a short term fix. The Club will undertake an analysis of the main contracts right across the organisation, build a register of all contract end dates, look at where efficiencies can be created and put an action plan together that targets specific categories that the College can then take forward. For example, aligning service start dates across your campuses to let single contracts to save money and time, and identifying the most appropriate channels whether they are existing frameworks or contract-specific OJEUs.

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