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Start planning your catering and cleaning contracts today

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Start planning your catering and cleaning contracts today

24th January 2015

Start planning your catering and cleaning contracts today

It might seem like you have plenty of time before you have to renew your cleaning and catering contracts.

However, the more time we have to help you develop your exact requirements and manage the procurement process, the greater level of competition we can drive from the supplier market and the better value solution your college will receive.

The schedule below gives you an idea of the timeline:

Month Action
October 2014 Speak with SBC about your specific requirements
November 2014 SBC develops your tender and engages with the supply market, and runs a compliant
January 2015 Suppliers return bids with a solution unique to your specification
February 2015 CBC reviews tenders and evaluates them against your agreed criteria, and you select the best option
March 2015 You appoint the supplier and enter into a new, improved contract with KPIs and annual reviews designed to better monitor performance


South Staffordshire College
South Staffordshire College has been working with Colleges’ Buying Club over the last two years on a range of procurement requirements. The College was looking to source a new audit contract as their existing contract was coming to a natural end. Although they were happy with their incumbent they asked Colleges’ Buying Club to source a new contract that provided best value.

Colleges’ Buying Club saved the College over £4,500 on their annual fee with their new contract. More recently the College wanted to maximise an allocated grant of £600,000 in order to purchase new curriculum engineering equipment with specifications which they thought would be unaffordable. The College gave Colleges’ Buying Club their wish list of equipment but did not expect to receive it within the budget. However the Club was able to secure not only all of the engineering equipment that they required, but also another £30,000 worth of equipment.

South Staffordshire College also needed support with a catering contract. They have four campuses and a sponsored Academy located across South Staffordshire and wanted to improve the quality and service of the catering arrangements across all sites. Colleges’ Buying Club created a bespoke specification for each of the College’s campuses and Academy and achieved an enhanced financial model for the College – a nil cost contract with an agreed profit share. Equally as important the food quality also improved.

The Club has also assisted the College in helping purchase ICT equipment saving £16,000 on the initial quotes that the College had obtained.

There is ‘no one size fits all’ when it comes to colleges so we work with you to understand your requirement and then advise, support and facilitate the tendering process on your behalf. This service is FREE for colleges, so if you want to:

  • Gain big savings
  • Free up your time
  • Stay compliant

Contact one of the team at the Club today on 0845 257 0566 and we will be delighted to discuss your college’s procurement requirements.

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