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Tendering Service

Tendering Services

Tendering Service

No time? Need to make efficiency savings without buying in additional procurement support? Contracts that are out of date and not fit for purpose?

Call us, we will come and discuss your procurement strategy and develop an organisation-wide procurement schedule to encompass all your faculties and campuses. We’ll help define your exact requirements for the goods and services that you need to procure, put a detailed specification together and run the entire tendering process for you at no cost. Once the bids come in, we will evaluate them against your scoring criteria so that it is easier for you to choose your preferred supplier.

Once the contract has been signed with your new supplier, we will upload the contract documents into a contracts register within our Toolbox online application which will automatically alert you 6 months before it is due to be renewed. We also hold annual KPI monitoring visits with both you and the supplier to check that everyone is keeping to their side of the agreement and that you are continuing to receive value for money.

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